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BASQ NYC SHARE Body & Massage Oil

BASQ NYC SHARE Body & Massage Oil

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Denne lindrende Omega Rich Oil blander beroligende lavendel med den nærende Sweet Almond Oil, som er rik på Essential Fatty Acids - byggesteinene til en sunn og myk hud. En dyptrengende fuktighetslotion som beskytter huden mot strekkmerker under svangerskap og gjør at den lettere får formen tilbake etter fødsel. Påfør huden ved håndledd, drypp i badevannet eller bruk ved massasje.

60 ml


Expectant moms use on belly and chest to nourish stretching skin twice daily. Sweet Almond Oil is rich in Essential Fatty Acids and are the building blocks of healthy, soft skin. Provides deep hydration to protect skin from stretch marks during pregnancy and promotes easier bounce back post pregnancy. Soothes and softens taut, itchy skin. Blend or layer (Oil first) with TOUCH Body Butter.

Massage: Prenatal massage has many benefits and easy for mom to do at home. Use gentle, long strokes in a circular motion all over and around belly. Lightly massage for about 15 mins. This allows mom to relax and take a much deserved break as you bond with baby.

For Little Ones: Wonderfully nourishing all over skin to protect and moisturize. Massage relaxes before sleep and after bath, improves sleep patterns and provides calm. This Oil spreads smoothly and easily. Use a quarter size amount of oil, rub hands together to warm and use gentle strokes on back, legs and arms. Snuggle and bond. Lavender has been shown to relax, soothe and deepen sleep.


Sweet Almond Oil, basq’s syngeristic blend of essential oils.

SHARE Calming Oil is hypoallergenic.

All basq products are Paraben, Phthalate and Animal Testing free.

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